Thank you so much for stopping by today! I have a new blog here with a few posts on Writing, life, and good things. I have a lot of irons in the fire and 2018 is my writing breakthrough year.  I have been blessed with the few books I have put on Amazon and with a few very faithful readers.  (books are down for much-needed editing) I have been struggling with life and self for the past few years and have not built my writing platform, but my time is now,  I hope you will join my newsletter list, so you can watch the smoke as I write like a mad woman this year!

WRITERS:  Starting April 10, 2018, I am recording all writing times and word count per day, what I will do as far as marketing,  everything I plan to incorporate (on a small budget) for a “platform” Any problems I have during the year, I will blog about. I always welcome suggestions.

An Indie Author wears many hats so it can get overwhelming. I plan to get organized first so I can be consistent in all areas. In April 2019 I will have a very realistic picture of what I did, and what my income was with my books.

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